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Name  SADEEM mean Haze, Mist (Fog, Cloud) I found my name mean below link.

All peoples like cloud and fog but here one thing is unique cloud and fog always give you good memories.

Full Name  MALIK SADEEM AWAN born in Jhelum, Punjab, Pakistan and living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia since 2003 I am working in Retail Company during these years I work on different positions (Scanning Coordinator, Electronics items receivers and Receiving area supervisor) now my designation is Inventory Controller.
Company give me chance to participate in new showroom and many times by aero plane I go local business tour Jeddah, TAIF, ABBAH, MADINAH and KHOBAR free visit to five cities.

In this blog I will share birds and animal details summary and pictures and many more.

Pakistan Research for Agricultural Development Program

The Research For Agricultural Development Program (RADP) an umbrella research project of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) was approved by the ECNEC on 7th March 2007 at total cost of Rs.2963 million (FEC  Rs. 876 million). The project started from 3rd April 2007 with first release on 21st May 2007. It has completed 49 months by 30th June 2011.The project has been extended up to 30th june 2013.

The background for approving this project is the overwhelming evidence of very high rate of returns to investment in agricultural research and gross under investment in Pakistan as compared to other countries of the region. Therefore, government of Pakistan approved the RADP – a program in support to achieve long term objectives of agriculture sector.

Program Profile:

Project Name: Research for Agricultural Development Program
Executing Agency: Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC)
Project Cost: Rs. 2963.000 Million 
(LC:     Rs. 2086.51 million)
(FEC:  Rs. 876.49 million)
Duration: 60 months (5 years) (+24 months extended period)
Approval Date: 7th March 2007 by ECNEC
Start Date:     3rd April, 2007
Expected Completion
Date: June, 2013
Location: PARC and its research stations
Releases: Rs. 1105.194 million (up to 30th June 2011)
Expenditure: Rs. 904.186 million
Throughforward: Rs. 2058.814 million


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